The Journey Wilderness Experience

The Journey Wilderness Experience is highly successful in treating the following:

  • Mental Health Issues: ADHD or ADD | Depression | Bipolar Disorder | Generalized Anxiety Disorder|  PTSD | Panic Disorder | Conduct Disorder Oppositional Defiant Disorder | Learning Disabilities
  • Addictive Patterns: Substance Abuse | Internet Use | Pornography | Other Addictive Behaviors
  • Stressful Life Events: Family | Divorce | Attachment Problems | Self Injury | Trauma from Accidents | Trauma from Medical Problems | Abandonment Issues | Bereavement Issues
  • Stressful Life Events: Sexual Abuse | Physical Abuse |  Neglect |  PTSD
  • Motivation and Behavior: Oppositional/Defiant | Anger Problems | Apathy Irresponsibility | Idle/Lazy Entitlement | Expectations of Over-Indulgence | School/Legal Problems
  • Family Issues: Family Conflict | Parent-Child Difficulties  | Divorce Issues  | Sibling Problems  | Marital Issues (as it effects the adolescent).

The Journey Wilderness Experience

The Journey Wilderness Experience integrates outdoor living skills and adventure programming (i.e. Therapeutic Adventure Excursions) with an intense treatment-oriented wilderness therapy curriculum, which creates living metaphors for life and change. We believe that a productive journey for our students begins with the best assessment possible to accurately map out each teen’s and young adult’s journey of change. To this end, we include in the cost of the program, a full psychological evaluation for each teen as they enter our wilderness therapy program.

Seasonal Settings

fallhikesThe Journey Wilderness operates in different areas depending on the season. During the Summer and Fall we set up camp in the high Uinta mountains near Spirit Lake. At 10,200 feet the experience is unique among troubled teens and young adult wilderness programs. In the Winter and Spring we move to the majestic west desert of Utah which provides a drier environment and less snow. In all these settings clients are provided with the appropriate shelter and sleeping systems to allow them to stay warm and dry regardless of the weather.

In order to maximize the family’s ability to access their insurance, we use a base camp model where the clients come to canvas camp (tents and shelters made of canvas) each week at a facility that is licensed as an outpatient and day treatment program. In the Winter and Spring our base camp is located at Spirit Lake Ranch in Mona Utah. In the Summer and Fall our camp is located near Spirit Lake Lodge in the high Uinta Mountains.

During the base camp portion of the week, clients participate in both therapy and skills-based groups, work on wilderness and pioneer skills, receive individual and family therapy. They also use this time for completing the psychological assessment. It also gives them an opportunity to have showers, enjoy more variety of food selections in their menu, and do their laundry. This typically takes place on Monday afternoon through Wednesday morning. The clients then use the rest of the week for expeditions and adventures of various types.

Troubled Teens Experience Joy

Through living in nature at our troubled teen and young adult camp, students experience the joy of connecting with the earth, the water, the sky, themselves and their families. The expedition of discovery at our outdoor therapy program is not just teaching teens how to thrive in the wilderness, it is helping them to explore new horizons, the things they love and the things they are capable of developing. They have the opportunity to grow their talents, their dreams, and their ability to make healthy choices while increasing an appreciation for the good things they already have in their lives.

Your son or daughter is invited to find their true potential in a healing, nurturing, natural environment with qualified instructors and therapists who understand the way that change happens and can facilitate each teen and young adults personal journey at our wilderness therapy camp as they… become.