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AboutUsGroupOne of the First Wilderness Therapy Programs

The Journey was co-founded by Madolyn M. Liebing, Ph.D., who designed the clinical and educational components for one of the first wilderness therapy programs over 25 years ago. She was the first psychologist to do therapy in the wilderness (White, W. (2012) Chapter 2: “A History of Adventure Therapy” in Adventure Therapy: Theory, Practice, and Research by Gass, M, Gillis, L. Russell, K. Routledge/Bruner-Mazel Press.), and pioneered the idea of combining clinical therapy and wilderness programming. She adds a lifetime of working with adolescents and 35 years of leading youth in the wilderness, to create the most therapeutic/academic curriculum in the wilderness industry today. In addition to Maddy’s unique contribution, the Journey has grown a team of caring, well-trained and experienced wilderness professionals, who are passionate about helping youth explore, discover, and become.

Dr. Maddy Liebing, Winner of the 2015 Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council: Eagle Award

Dr. Maddy Liebing received The Eagle Award for 2015 by the OBH Council (Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council) that is given annually at the Wilderness Therapy Symposium to recognize outstanding contribution to the field of wilderness therapy.

Maddy, the founder and clinical director of The Journey Wilderness has had a profound influence on the development of wilderness therapy in both the evolution of an effective therapeutic component and in the implementation of standards and best practices. We congratulate her!

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