14 Question Assessment to finding the right assistance for you and your family:

Is our Journey Wilderness Program right for Your Teen or Young Adult?

All information submitted is confidential.

Please answer Yes or No to each question
Note: If you have answered “yes” to three or more questions please call (714) 699-6281 to go over your options, otherwise we will have a Wilderness Specialist call you within 24hrs.
1. Have you noticed changes in the past few months regarding your teen’s motivation, school grades, mood swings, or overall behavior? (e.g. withdrawn, angry, sad)
2. Does your teen have any special learning needs? (e.g. ADHD, ADD, Learning Disabilities, Specific Learning Style)
3. Does your teen have problems which might be a result of a traumatic event in his/her life? (Divorce, adoption, abuse, death, etc.)
4. Do you suspect you’re teen of using alcohol or drugs?
5. Is your teen resistant to or refusing to follow family rules or your parenting?
6. Does your teen seem depressed or withdrawn?
7. Is your teen showing problems controlling his/her anger, or has he/she been destructive to property?
8. Is your teen struggling in school with lack of motivation, truancy, fighting, or other poor behavior?
9. Have you reason to suspect that your teen has been stealing from you or others?
10. Does your teen seem to be able to avoid consequences by manipulating people or situations, while blaming other for his/her difficulties?
11. Has your teen left your home without your permission, or stayed away longer than a couple of hours without you’re knowing where he/she was? Or has your teen told you he/she was going one place, and you found out later he/she was somewhere that you would not have approved of?
12. Have you ever been concerned that your teen might be thinking about committing suicide?
13. Has your teen exhibited symptoms of an eating disorder?
14. Has your teen’s behavior ever resulted in any involvement with the police or the courts?
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