Boot Camps for Troubled Teens

Boot Camps For Troubled Teens

The Journey Wilderness Experience is a top-rated Outdoor Therapeutic Adventure Program, chosen by parents as an alternative to Boot Camps For Troubled Teens. The Journey was co-founded by Madolyn M. Liebing, Ph.D. in 1988. It was during this time that the doctor put her expertise to action and designed the clinical and educational components for one of the first premiere, skills-based wilderness therapy organization.

The Journey Wilderness Experience is a trail-blazing therapeutic treatment program created by people who know a thing or two about providing troubled teens with genuine, therapeutically restorative wellness – something a ‘boot camp for troubled teens’ could never provide.

What Is A Boot Camp For Troubled Teens?

Every boot camp for troubled teens is modeled after traditional military recruit camps. And, much like traditional boot camps, boot camps for troubled teens are primarily based on shock incarceration with foundational military techniques. Now, while this sort of ‘treatment’ is effective in transforming patriotic civilians into nation-defending soldiers, it does very little in creating any long-lasting change in therapeutically suffering, troubled teens.

As to why militarized behavioral modification, like that of boot camps for troubled teens, doesn’t work, psychological experts say it’s because these facilities provide very little if any, psychologically-restorative value in their behavioral-modification style of treatment.

While many of the teens who participate in boot camps initially seem to achieve behavioral-restoration, the consensus among troubled teen specialists is that these changes are very short-lived. In fact, these same experts believe that a boot camp's style of "treatment" will more than likely result in a troubled teenage boy or girls' issues worsening.

Boot Camps for Troubled Youth: Not Just Ineffective, But Also Known To Worsen Teenage Behavioral, Emotional, Psychological Issues

According to NIH Consensus and State-of-the-Science Conference panel of health professionals, rather than simply being 'ineffectual,' boot camps are more than likely to make problems worse. 

Even more than that, NIH studies also indicate that - boot camps and other get tough programs - cause increased hostility amongst youth, who, when forced into a group setting,  are prone to amplify each other's anger under stressful conditions - like the stressful conditions considered to be fundamental in the behavior modifying ideology of all boot camps for troubled teens. 

The Fundamental Reason Boot Camps Fall Short in Treating Troubled Teens

As to why boot camps ultimately fail troubled teens, one need look no further than the philosophical fundamentals of every boot camp’s curriculum: Scream discipline to children with enough volume and frequency, the child will eventually break, and subsequently, “get in line,” behaviorally speaking.

Instead of learning how to respect authority, it is more likely that adolescents will learn to view authority as their enemy. Moreover, behavioral studies of troubled teens show that any noticeable change in an adolescent boot camper is a reflection of their newly developed fear of authority. It is this fear of authority that will likely cause a troubled youth to lose trust in all of those whom they see as an authoritative opposition.

To Parents of Troubled Teens: There are Much More Viable Treatment Options Than Boot Camps

It is critical for any parent to examine other viable treatment options. For instance, wilderness adventure programs – like that of The Journey Wilderness - are far more effective in transforming the lives of troubled teens. And, unlike the temporary behavioral change that boot camps offer, the restorative and therapeutic wellness that a child experiences while enrolled in a wilderness program, is permanent.

Needless to say, at The Journey, all of our enrolees' parents can expect results from our compassionate and experienced staff. Our research-validated method of wilderness-based treatment means that our alternative approach to boot camps for troubled teens actually WORKS! Furthermore, through our serene,  distraction-free and awe-inspiring therapeutic environment, our wilderness area can help even the most treatment-resistant adolescents find their way to full behavioral, emotional, and even spiritual restoration.

Journey Wilderness: Clinical Therapy for Troubled Youth

The Journey Wilderness is a clinically rich program built on the foundations of wilderness therapy pioneered by our co-founder, Madolyn M. Liebing, Ph.D.

Our Treatment Plan

The camper's therapist constructs our treatment plan with the help of the parents and the use of the mental health assessment. This assessment serves as a road map for the remainder of the program and is prescriptively designed to meet the student’s needs while supporting the parents to help continue their teen’s process of growth and learning. 

The Journey’s Clinical Difference

Our proven and patented treatment program uses evidence-based, scientifically supported practices combined in the best way to help teens make necessary, behavioral changes. And lastly, our treatment is infused in everything we do; It is nearly impossible to tell where Journey's programming ends and clinical therapy begins.

The Effectiveness (lack thereof) of Boot Camps For Troubled Youth

Those who swear by the effectiveness of boot camps for troubled teens, do so, without research to back-up their baseless claims - As of 2017, there are ABSOLUTELY ZERO research-based findings that favor the effectiveness of boot camps for troubled adolescents. In fact, the only confirmed research-based findings on boot camps for troubled teens indicates that a child’s recidivism rates (the likelihood of a child’s negative-behavioral relapse) are comparable to that of a former prison inmate’s risk of re-offending after their incarceration (75%-80%).

Additionally, it’s important for parents to know that boot camps have recently come under sharp criticism by mental health experts, for being too harsh while not adequately addressing the juvenile's real underlying psychological problems.

Boot Camps For Juveniles’ Humble Beginnings

Outside of military use, boot camps’ were first used as a behavioral modification programs during the mid-20th century. Initially, however, these Boot Camp’s shock incarceration treatment was strictly used only in treating adult criminals. What’s more, boot camp-styled modification treatment was often used in conjunction with lengthy jail sentences for hard-time criminals.

All credible, psychological, and behavioral experts agree: Boot camps that implement military-style discipline, are not only ineffective for the restoration of troubled teens but, more often than not, they actually make teenage emotional, behavioral and psychological issues even worse.

The Boot Camp Alternative: A Program That Provides Genuine Clinical And Therapeutic Treatment in Restoring the Lives of Young Men and Women

If you are a parent still considering a boot camp for your troubled teen, Journey Wilderness urges you to consider this inescapable truth about militarized behavioral treatment programs:  Most -if not all- operate without accreditation or licensure. What's worse, most boot camps for troubled teens employ no therapeutic professionals within their staff.

This is why here at The Journey Wilderness, we urge parents to consider choosing a program like ours as an alternative to a boot camp for troubled teens – which, as you hopefully understand by now, will almost surely exacerbate your child’s emotional, psychological, and behavioral issues even further.  

Journey Wilderness

The Journey Wilderness Experience VS. Boot Camp For Troubled Teens

Instead of ridiculing and demeaning adolescents, Journey Wilderness believes all people are good, and therefore, deserve to be treated as such (compare to a boot camp's style of treating teens like a criminal). 

Additionally - and contrary to the fundamental practices of boot camps - we aim to nurture the goodness of young men and women as we strive to help them find their true selves in their most desperate time of need.

It is because of our curricula’s balanced approach of adversity building and psychological nourishment that makes Journey Wilderness a viable alternative to a boot camp for troubled teens. Please, grant us the great honor of serving you today.  Call Us: (801) 369-5694.