Help For Troubled Teens And Young Adults With Wilderness Therapy

Help For Troubled Teens And Young Adults With Wilderness Therapy

Help for out of control teens and young adults

Has your son or daughter changed in the past few years? Do they seem to be out of control? Have they become rebellious, refusing to follow family rules, or running with a crowd of thrill seeking friends? Have they started using drugs or alcohol, staying out late, failing classes, or even running away?

Help for substance abuse

Has your young adult dropped out of college? Have you noticed a pattern of substance abuse, or addiction to gaming, electronics and other harmful behaviors? Do they seem to be stuck and not moving forward into productive and responsible adulthood?

Help for mental illness

Have your teens or young adults been struggling with depression, or anxiety, or other mental health issues like Autism, Bipolar Disorder or Oppositional Defiance?

These are not new problems, although it does seem to be more pervasive today. The Journey Wilderness Experience creates solutions for teens and young adults who may be suffering from mental illness or may be out of control, who refuse to follow rules and whose behavior is becoming dangerous and risky.

Over one hundred years ago, premier outdoorsmen recognized the need to take young people into the woods to help them develop self-efficacy and become honorable men and women. The Journey Wilderness Experience utilizes these same principles to help struggling teens and young adults gain traction in their lives to move forward in responsible independence.

Does Wilderness Therapy help?

Learning Wilderness SkillsA funny thing happened on the way to the wilderness that resulted in meshing The Journey Way and the Woodcraft way. As we were creating our particular brand of wilderness experience to help troubled teens and struggling young adults find solutions to overcome depression, anxiety, and addictions, to help them stop fighting against the rules that kept them safe and moving toward responsible adulthood…. we wanted to give them the opportunity to really step back in time and live the way the early Western Explorers lived.

That is why we use wool and flannel instead of spandex and synthetic material, and why our clients make their own backpack – the Roycroft Pack, use the wedge canvas tent, and have primitive fire making tools. That is also why they learn outdoor skills by studying the people who have gone before. As we were researching the folks who really put together the idea of living in the woods for fun and for personal development, we came across an amazing man. His name is Ernest Thompson Seton.

Beginning in the late 1800’s, with his love of the outdoors and his skill as a naturalist and an artist, Seton developed a way of learning about the wilderness and a way of learning about ourselves in the process. He called it the Woodcraft Way. We use that term a lot throughout our expeditions. Woodcraft is not just working with wood, it’s living in the woods (or any natural environment) with joy, safety, and comfort. Our troubled teens and struggling young adults get the opportunity to learn how to not just survive in the wilderness, but to thrive in the wilderness.

We would like to introduce you to some of the principles that he believed were essential in the Woodcraft Way. The interesting thing about what you will read below, is that his thoughts and our thoughts about the best way to live life in the wilderness are almost identical. The Journey Wilderness Experience sort of found a soul mate in Ernest Thompson Seton. So, wherever you read the Woodcraft Way you could say The Journey Way.

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