Growing Up

photojournal_048Here at The Journey Wilderness Experience, our clients are given the opportunity to earn “Journey Notes” – rewards for the good things that they do.  These Journey Notes can then be used to purchase various items at “The Journey Store”.  This includes a variety of things – some that may be considered frivolous and others that are more functional.

Winter camping provides an opportunity to watch these kids evaluate the value of these items in a new light.  This past week we watched a young man wrestle with a decision between a bag of Skittles and a new water bottle that could be used with hot water at night to provide warmth in his sleeping bag.  Clearly the Skittles were a prize that he desperately wanted, and he could have enough left over to get some other treats. However, the functional side of the “hottie” proved even more compelling and though it used up all his Journey Notes, he chose the functional side and went away with a commitment to doing whatever it takes to earn more notes to get the Skittles next week.

It’s great to see the growth in these young men and women.  Perhaps for the first time in his life this young man chose to delay something he craved for something logical.  Maturity comes in many ways throughout our lives and sometimes the small victories provide invaluable lessons for life.

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