Advice for Parents

helpforparentsBeing a teenager is tough these days…. And being a parent of a teenager is even tougher! Adolescence is a time of emerging independence, a time to try new things, to test boundaries, and to discover our true identity. How does a caring parent find the healthy balance between encouraging their teen to explore the world and yet keep them safe from harmful choices? How can a mom or dad lovingly help their teen grow, expand their potential, and emerge as a productive and healthy adult? And how do we stop a trend that we see as potentially destructive and possibly dangerous?

Difficult Time for Teens

These are questions parents have grappled with during all the ages… It is true that current trends in cyber addictions, substance abuse, and harmful sexual pressure makes our time seem particularly fraught with pitfalls. But, all parents have struggled with the balance between protecting and releasing their emerging young adult children. Ernest Thompson Seton, a pioneer in developing outdoor curriculum for teens, recognized, at the turn of the century, that his industrialized society was creating teens who were struggling to find themselves amidst the smoke and clamor of a steam-driven society. He used Woodcraft to create a way for young people to access themselves through living and learning about the woods. Much of his work is incorporated in the modern Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs.

We have the same needs, only perhaps it is more expedient now in a cyber-world where teens can be bullied and shamed by thousands of peers through the internet. Where texting has taken the place of talking… where drugs and sex and violence are continually portrayed as the norm. And they rarely get to see a newly emerging flower, or a deer peeking shyly around a pine tree, or the water rippling on a pristine lake as the breeze ruffles their hair.

adviceforteensGet a Fresh Start

The Journey takes teens back in time and back to the roots of our existence… Into The Woods… We invite them on a journey of internal and external exploration where they will have the opportunity to discover their true potential in a healing, nurturing, natural environment with qualified instructors and therapists who understand the way that change happens and can facilitate each teen’s personal journey.

We invite you and your family to come and feel the power of living close to nature and to return to a time before the invention of cyber space and being plugged in and tuned out… your teen will begin to form the solid foundation that is necessary in order to withstand the storms of modern technology and the dangers inherent in our modern world.

Addiction Wise

We understand that this is a difficult time in a family’s life. To help you better understand some of the challenges your child may be facing and the approach that we take at The Journey, we have created a few videos to help answer some of your questions and help you in trying to identify the right program for your child.

Please click on the following link to view how our program works and to get started.

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