The Journey Wilderness Professional Staff

Leadership Team:Staff

Tyler Patching, CEO, Executive Wilderness Director
Madolyn M. Liebing, Ph.D., CFO, Clinical Director
Emma Patching, Accountant

Clinical Team:

Madolyn M. Liebing, Ph.D., LMFT, Psychologist/Therapist
Brent Talbot, Psychologist
Rosemary Wells CMHC,LPC, Field Therapist
Chris Murdock, AMHC, Field Therapist
Stephanie Shillig, Family Coach

Medical Team:

Dale Christensen, M.D., Medical Director
Jake Smith, Wilderness E.M.T.
Haley Allmendinger, Medication Coordinator

Communications Team:

Dennis Smith, Director of Admissions
Haley Allmendinger, Administrative Assistant
Jacob S. Paul*, Logistics Manager
Shalon Biggs, Field Assistant
Rachel Walker, Field Assistant
Amy Chappell, Field Assistant
* Professor Paul also instructs the #1 rated elective course at Brigham Young University in Wilderness Survival

Field Team:

Tyler Patching, Executive Field Director
Dakota Schaefer, Head Field Instructor
Jack Brindle, Head Field Instructor
Stephanie Bagwell, Head Field Instructor
Brandon Shilling, Head Field Instructor
Gabby Rowley, Field Instructor
Kayla Rosenow, Field Instructor
Lindsey Nolette, Field Instructor
Kayenta Ryan, Field Instructor
Dillon Jones, Field Instructor
Hope Williams, Field Instructor
Richard Howard, Field Instructor
Laura Kavin, Field Instructor

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