Philosophy & Core Beliefs

PhilosophyTalksOur mission at Journey Wilderness Therapy is to provide a safe place where youth and their families can:

Explore choices
Discover possibilities
Restore balance in their lives

We Believe All People Are Essentially Good

Journey Wilderness believes that at the core, all people are essentially good, and that we each have a light within us. If that light is fostered and nurtured, it will grow and help us to experience the joy of living on this planet. When we experience that joy, we will want to share it with those around us.

One of our greatest gifts in this life is the power of choice. And as we encounter adversity and obstacles in our lives, we can choose how we react. However, during times of struggle sometimes we choose poorly and develop habits that are harmful, not only to ourselves but to those around us. When this happens, we can become out of balance, experience a diminishing of joy, and the light within us dims.

When a child or adolescent reaches that point, it’s time for a change in course. While many lack the maturity to change on their own, loving parents can step in and guide their child off the path of self-destruction and help end a pattern of harmful choices.

A change in course requires accountability and active decision-making. The process of change requires exploration, discovery and then initiative to become.

To get the process rolling, there needs to be a day of reckoning when the student can see the situation and the choices as they really are. It’s at this point when the student finally sees the path that brought him or her to this destructive point in life. Then, the student can choose to continue along the harmful path or begin to make the changes necessary to begin positive development towards a better life.

Identifying What is Right

At Journey Wilderness, we do not emphasize what’s not working in a student’s life. We support and encourage what is right. We invite students and their families to create a new way, which results in a true “change of heart.” This process is the core of everything we do here. As we navigate with our students through this process, we ask three essential questions:

1. What are you doing? (Explore)
Students explore past choices while opening the doors to future possibilities. Students will begin to see how they came to this point and take accountability.

2. How’s that working for you? (Discover)
Students can assess the impact their past choices had on themselves and their families. They do this while discovering the many positive options for the future.

3. What do you want to do differently? (Become)
Once students have made a decision to change, we help them with the elements they will need to re-ignite the light within and return to a healthy balance so they can experience the joy that life has to offer.

Journey Wilderness does not motivate by offering rewards (e.g. level systems) or by fear of punishment (e.g. boot/brat camps). Students at the Journey Wilderness develop a more meaningful and internal motivation for change.

Every one experiences different levels of motivation to change during the phases of treatment. Students may come into our program already having some motivation to change or none at all. No matter where they come in, we provide an environment in a natural setting that allows them to explore the possibility of change until they are ready to move forward. Parents and students have a team of professionals and experts to help them navigate the challenging path of treatment.

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