School Credit

featured-3-400x267The academic curriculum for Journey Wilderness is unparalleled in Outdoor Behavioral Health programs. We don’t want our students to fall behind in school while participating in wilderness treatment. As a result, the academic curriculum is core to our program.

Students in our program can earn twice as many credits as they would in a regular high school program for the same length of time. But we don’t just focus on the academic curriculum alone. Our program fully integrates academics along with skills/craft instruction and therapeutic self-development assignments. These assignments form the basis for the therapeutic process, allowing the students to use everything they do every day to learn more about themselves and the world they live in. The guidebooks are designed by Madolyn M. Liebing, Ph.D., co-founder of Journey Wilderness.

Students will earn the following credits:

Language Arts: .5 credit
Science – Biology: .5 credit
Science – Earth Systems: .5 credit
Health: .5 credit
Teen Living: .5 credit
Consumer Science- Culinary Arts: .5 credit
P.E.: .5 to 1 credit
Fine Arts: .5 credit
Total: 4.5 to 5.0 credits

Credit is awarded through Alta Independent School registered by the State of Utah, Board of Education as a Special Purpose School and accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Association (NAAS). All credits are fully transferable to any high school in the United States and internationally.

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