Spirit Lake Ranch – Residential Treatment for Adolescent Boys (13-17) Accepts Insurance

Unplug Your Teenage Boy!unplug-you-teen

Spirit Lake Ranch is a residential inpatient addiction treatment & recovery program for troubled teens. Located on a beautiful ranch in Central Utah, teen boys experience recovery in a setting that stimulates their imaginations and fills their hearts with compassion.

Outdoor Adventure Skills

1 to 2 weeks per month are spent at our outdoor campuses participating in hiking, learning wilderness skills, camping, and working together. At our Spirit Lake Ranch, the boys attend a more traditional school, but are also involved in caring for the ranch animals, gardening, and Equine Therapy including horsemanship. School credit is individualized for each student depending on his abilities, skills, and credit needs. While on our “treks,” they learn experientially by seeing, feeling, touching the things they are learning about: ie. environmental studies, plants, animals, geology, and history. It is the ultimate in field trips!

Learn Respect & How to Careimpactranch1

Therapeutically students learn about themselves and how to interact in a group with respect and caring. They have the opportunity to experience and practice mindfulness and grounding in the best workshop possible: the forest and the desert. Trained clinicians facilitate individual, group, and family therapy, meeting with the students twice a week, the families on a weekly basis, and daily group therapy including Equine Therapy Group. We employ psychologists to help assess and diagnose and recommend treatment goals. Click here to meet our staff.

Medication Management

We also can prescribe and monitor medication if necessary, but our goal is to minimize medication solutions and maximize the students’ ability to overcome struggles and discover their true potential. Through a new, ground-breaking technology, we can genetically test for pre-disposition for many mental health issues, as well as narrowing down which medications will be the most effective for which genetic composition. Then, if a student is prescribed medication, we can use sophisticated UA testing to determine absorption and titration to make sure the dosages are correct and the medication is doing what it is supposed to do.

Rustic Back to Basics Recovery

Spirit Lake Ranch has created a legacy by serving over 1,000 male adolescents in the last 10 years. With a rustic back-to-basics atmosphere in the shadows of the majestic Mt. Nebo, Spirit Lake Ranch offers a setting of healing and simplicity that is nearly impossible to find in today’s culture. Serving boys ages 13-17, the Spirit Lake Ranch can provide personalized therapy to fit individual needs.

Evidenced Based Counseling

The Spirit Lake Ranch uses the evidence based stages of change to help clients prepare and to make the changes necessary to be successful in life. With instructors well trained in the Nurtured Heart approach and Anatomy of Peace, clients will feel a sense of support and consistency. Using the well-supported Strengthening Families Program, the Spirit Lake Ranch is able to create lasting changes long after the client returns home.

Spirit Lake Ranch is an unforgettable experience! Enormous value is placed on the lessons that nature can teach. A large part of the program is spent at another campus set at Spirit Lake in the high Uintas. Camping, cattle drives, nature hikes are constantly on the agenda. Along with traditional therapy sessions, emphasis is placed on Equine Therapy taking advantage of the lessons that these incredible animals have to offer. Clients will learn to interact with, ride, and take care of the horses located on site.

Everyday, clients will spend time learning a wide variety of new skills such as:

  • Practical organic farming and gardening
  • Raising and taking care of the ranch animals
  • Ranch skills such as roping or training horses
  • Leather work
  • Proper etiquette
  • Self hygiene
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Healthy Communication / Boundary Setting
  • Serving others projects
  • Team building activities
  • Variety of sports

The possibilities are simply endless!

The Spirit Lake Ranch is not a wilderness program, however it does include some outdoor hiking and trek adventures that take place at Spirit Lake for our inpatient teen boys. In addition to taking care of the farm animals, tending the garden – teens also pick food for meals. The Spirit Lake Ranch’s comprehensive clinical treatment component is designed to address a variety of issues specific to teens. Treatment stays begin at 30 days and can last up to 6 month or longer. For more information, please call us today. Click below to enter your insurance information for your son. Spirit Lake Ranch Experienced Compassionate Staff


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