Wilderness Life Lessons – I Got This

photojournal_007Many of our clients come in shy, timid, out of shape and lacking self-confidence.  We have the privilege of watching them blossom into very strong, capable people.  It’s incredibly rewarding to watch this transformation, both physically and mentally, as they go through the Journey Wilderness Experience.

One particular client has discovered a determination and perseverance that will guide the rest of their life.  There have been a lot of tears along the way but those have typically been met with hard work and a desire to push through.  We have seen progress from begging for someone to do it for them, to simple requests for help to the recognition of strength that they no longer need help.  Now, when help is offered, the response is “No, I’ve got this”.  Now instead of struggling to drag a piece of firewood back to camp, this person is doing squats with the wood on their shoulders.

Doing hard things is a point of pride.  What once was difficult, maybe even impossible is now routine and the results show in broad smiles and maybe a little embarrassment at the attention that it garners.  Where in the past this person would have shut down and quit with feelings of uselessness, there is now a desire to be involved and the mantra “never be ashamed to ask” to be a part of things.

At The Journey Wilderness Experience, we love to see this growth, this discovery of untapped potential and particularly the knowledge that each one of us are capable of accomplishing hard things; that we are stronger than the day to day challenges we face.  Growth comes from being pushed, frequently beyond what we thought we were capable of but with the right attitude and support, each one of us can say with confidence “I got this”.

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